Installing new trailers south of Camp Ashraf to increase psychological torture

Camp Ashraf military occupation – No. 134

Iraqi forces steal Ashraf residents’ power generators

In a new repressive measure intended to increase the number of loudspeakers and escalate psychological torture on Camp Ashraf residents, on August 11,  Iraqi forces have installed two trailers at a new compound to station agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security at Ashraf’s southern flank. It has been 20 months now since MOIS agents have inflicted psychological torture on Ashraf residents day and night through 300 loudspeakers, depriving them of any sleep and threatening them with further attacks and massacres.

 Gathering information on additional sites inside Ashraf and preparations for the next probable attack is another objective pursued by the MOIS agents in installing these trailers.

Iraqi forces used Army cranes and vehicles to transfer the trailers and building materials to the site. They have also carried out preparations to install new towers to increase the number of loudspeakers already installed around Camp Ashraf. (Pictures are attached)

In yet another shameful act, the Iraqi forces on August 11th stole a generator from one of the occupied buildings in Ashraf’s northern section. This generator is valued at tens of thousands of dollars and it is now placed at the disposal of MOIS agents at their new site at Ashraf’s southern flank. This is while the Iraqi government in an inhumane act is obstructing the delivery of fuel to Ashraf.

On the other hand, Danai-Far, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq and an MOIS agent by the name of Haj Ali on August 8th paid a visit to the Jadide Shat district of the town of Khalis located near Ashraf. Under the pretext of hosting a dinner party, they paid a number of their Iraqi elements to encourage them to file legal complaints and claim compensation from Ashraf residents based on ridiculous grounds such as “occupying agricultural lands” that belong to them. This measure is intended to pave the road for further attacks against Ashraf residents. Danai-far has promised to provide fabricated and forged documents for them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 13, 2011

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