Installation of two 15-meter poles at Ashraf’s southern flank; new instrument to suppress and spy on residents

Military occupation of Camp Ashraf – No. 137

Since August 23, clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and terrorist Qods Force, in coordination with the Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf residents and with complete assistance from the Iraqi forces, are busy installing two tall 15-meter poles, 400 meters apart, in Ashraf’s southern flank. Communication and espionage equipment are being installed on these poles to spy, create dossiers, and issue bogus decrees against Ashraf residents.

Agents who are installing these equipment cover their faces with masks and clothing not to be identified (pictures are attached).

Prior to installing these poles, two trailers were brought to this location to house Iranian regime’s agents and a generator belonging to one of the occupied buildings North of Ashraf was stolen and brought to the place for the use of these agents. The generator is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Thereby, under the pretext and cover of Iraq’s sovereignty, the clerical regime is preparing to extend its suppressive and espionage measures against Ashraf residents and to prevent residents’ massacre and suppression to be brought to the knowledge of world community. In the 8 April 2011 attack by forces under the command of Nuri al-Maliki, several residents who were taking pictures and shooting films were killed by gun fire.

The Iranian Resistance warns of new conspiracies by the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government against Ashraf and once again iterates on the necessity of protection of residents by U.S. and UN forces and the permanent stationing of UNAMI observers in Ashraf.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 27, 2011

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