Installation of an eight-meter tall watch tower north of Ashraf bringing more sections of Ashraf under fire range

The Iraqi forces under the order of Nouri al-Maliki and perpetrators of April 8 massacre installed an eight-meter tall watch tower in the northern part of Ashraf on Saturday, April 30 in order to have more sections of Ashraf under fire range. Besides, this tower has sight over internal parts of Ashraf and residential area of Ashraf residents. Given that 1,000 Muslim women live in Ashraf, this is an unacceptable and provocative matter.

 Another goal behind installing such towers, in addition to other suppressive measures such is constructing long and wide berms and placing numerous coils of concertina wire and barbed wires, is to make Ashraf similar to Hitler’s detention centers to facilitate further crimes.
In yet another inhumane measure, the Iraqi suppressive forces have occupied the Ashraf’s mortuary besides the Pearl Cemetery. This way, they have prevented burial of the martyrs for 24 days in severe violation of Islamic teachings and Arabic and Iranian traditions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 1, 2011

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