By Amir Taghati

When anything goes wrong the Iranian regime passes the blame to others. Very often we will hear the regime say that the problems in Iran are caused by a foreign conspiracy or by foreign leaders.

However, it is getting more and more common to hear regime officials blame each other for the problems. Before, the regime would keep its in-fighting private and would not let it become clear to the public that the country’s leadership was not cohesive. But the regime’s internal problems are very obvious now and different factions will speak out against each other openly.

Now economic experts in Iran are saying that Regime’s President Hassan Rouhani is to blame for the corruption in the country. Rouhani, of course, believes that the problem is not caused by his administration’s mismanagement.

A group of almost 40 economists sent a letter to Rouhani with a list of proposed solutions to the problems Iran faces including the major public deficit and the economic shortcomings.

The experts pointed out that the current model of the economy in Iran is ineffective and unproductive. It would be wrong to maintain the current model because it is not helping the situation – rather it is making the economic problems worse. The same was said with regards to the Iranian currency market.

In general, “nepotism” is one of the reasons the economy is in such a bad state, said the experts. Bribery and corruption are rife at all levels of the regime and the majority of major companies, economic centres and factories have been acquired by the regime over the years. This is classic corruption and it has been so unfair to the hard-working people of Iran who stand no change against policies like these. The steel, automotive, banking and petrochemical industries are the ones that are most involved in corrupt practices.

The experts advised President Rouhani to steer clear of making rash decisions regarding the launch of a secondary market for foreign exchange.

In March this year, dozens of Iran regime’s so called lawmakers submitted questions to the Regime’s President regarding the economic situation in Iran. Parliament has only just approved the requests and Rouhani has said that he will gladly comply with the parliament summons for questioning. He said: “This can be a good opportunity to state the facts to the dear people of my country.”

Many officials have said that it is brave of Rouhani to accept the questioning, but many are saying that he will not be truthful or courageous enough to state the facts.

The people of Iran are very aware that the economic problems in the country have been caused by the Iranian regime’s mismanagement and corruption and its policies of supporting terrorism, extremism and proxy groups across the region.

More protests are breaking out across the country and analysts are saying that Iran is on the brink of a revolution. The protests are intensifying and the people are not relenting in their calls for regime change.