protest iniran
NCRI Staff

NCRI - Sunday Mar. 11, 2018, responding to the preannounced calls, people and farmers of Isfahan staged protest gathering and March.

People and farmers were chanting: The farmers will die but never surrender to humiliation and today is the day of mourning since the lives of farmers is in limbo.

Protesting the inhumane policies of the Iranian regime in blocking the water stream of ‘Zayandeh Rood’ to farmers of Isfahan, people staged demonstration and supported the farmers demands.

It is noteworthy that Since the end of February, Varzaneh’s farmers have been protesting against the cancellation of their water rights, which has led to destruction of agricultural production and has caused poverty in the region. Farmers announced that they will not give up their protest until their demands are met.

Also on Friday March 9th, following the protests by farmers in Varzaneh, anti-riot forces attacked protesters and injured and arrested a number of farmers.