iran demonstration and protest

Iran Uprising – No. 113

Relatives of detainees of Women’s Day demonstration, and Ahvaz steel workers joined the protesters

On Sunday, March 11, protests and strikes became more widespread. In addition to farmers in Isfahan, the families of the detainees, workers, students and various walks of people staged demonstrations and protest.

1. Students at the Polytechnic University in Tehran demonstrated and protested against the issuance of heavy sentences for students arrested during the January uprising. While carrying the photos of arrested students, they chanted: “Imprisoned student must be freed”; “political prisoner must be freed”. Basij militants attacked protesting students, battered them, and tore the photos of imprisoned students. Students confronted them chanting “shame on you”.


2. Families of those arrested on the International Women's Day (March 8th) gathered in front of the Evin Prosecutor's Office and the Ershad Court in Tehran for several consecutive days for the release of their relatives. The regime's judiciary officials refuse to respond to them. About 80 women were arrested in front of the regime's labor ministry in Tehran during the International Women's Day demonstration, where at least 20 of them were taken to jail.

3. The strike of Ahvaz steel workers continued for the twentieth day. They gathered outside the Khuzestan governorate and chanted slogans such as: “We shall resist, we shall die, but we shall get our right back”, “Death to the oppressor, hail to workers”, etc.


4. 200 retired Ahvaz steel workers marched in the city following their protests the day before and after they gathered in front of the Pension Fund. They chanted: "Resign incompetent minister!", "Our problems will be solved with just one less embezzlement". They also revealed, with their slogans, the lies of Nobakht, the spokesperson for the Rouhani government, and regime’s other officials who have looted the assets of the fund.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2018