Iran: Regime Change Is the Only Option

NCRI Staff

NCRI - The Iranian regime is under immense pressure at the minute. The people have taken to the street en masse to protest and hold anti-government demonstrations. The people are slamming the regime for plundering the nation’s wealth on conflicts abroad.

Will the Iranian regime pay attention to the demands of the people? Almost certainly not. For almost four decades, the people of Iran have been suffering under a cruel and callous regime that uses brutality to oppress.

The Iranian regime will continue to fund terrorism and extremism and it will continue to support Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad. It will continue to use the notorious Lebanese Hezbollah. It will continue to train, fund and arm numerous other militias. It will continue to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations and it will spark conflict where it can. And it will not put the needs of the people of Iran before any of this.

How do we know this will continue? Well, quite simply because this is what the Iranian regime is based on. It could not survive without this. For this reason, regime change in Iran is the only option.

International leaders, namely former President Barack Obama and several EU officials, have tried to portray the regime has having moderate elements, particularly Rouhani’s government. The regime itself has spoken about moderation, but this is a self-proclaimed label that is based on absolutely nothing. There have been no signs of moderation. In fact, quite the opposite. For example, when the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was signed, instead of thanking the United States for all of the concessions it was granted, Iran instead continued to threaten and provoke the US.

Iran has a history of protesting, but the current unrest is unlike any before. This time, it is all sectors of society that are calling for regime change. The people know that they face execution, arrest, imprisonment and torture, yet they are still risking everything to make their calls for regime change heard. It is clear now that regime change is the only way forward. The only way to ensure that their bleak futures have any kind of hope.

During the 2009 uprisings in Iran, instead of condemning the regime and holding it accountable for the killing and violence towards protesters, Obama turned his back on the people and remained silent.

This time round, President Trump has already expressed his support for the people of Iran and made it clear that he wants regime change too. And he has the backing of the majority of his administration too.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, earlier this month warned Iran that the world was watching. She also reminded the regime that human rights are an automatic right – not something granted as a “gift” by governments.

The European Union, on the other hand, is very reluctant to comment on the current situation in Iran. It appears to want to ensure that nothing affects the Iran nuclear deal, so it keeping quiet. When will it realise that regime change will benefit not just the people of Iran, but the whole world?