Iran: Due to Economic Problems, some Medicinal Herbs Sellers Turned to Drug Production

NCRI - Deputy of Food and Drug at the University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah says some of the medicinal herbs sellers (traditional pharmacists) in Iran have started to produce “drugs” and some of these centers have become “dangerous” along with hairdressers and clubs.

According to state-run ISNA news agency, Omid Abdi told reporters on Thursday, August 3: “These centers are out of the main function of delivering medicinal herbs.”

In addition to referring to the tendency of these medicinal herbs sellers to produce “drugs, and in particular glass,” Abdi said hairdressers and sports clubs also became “anti-health centers.”

This regime’s agent said that currently “medicinal herbs are presented in the window showcase of these stores, but behind their curtain there are a variety of drugs.”

Deputy of food and drugs at Kermanshah University added that at these medicinal herbs stores “glass compounds and psychedelic substances are offered as drugs for weight loss and obesity.”

“Fifty percent of the medicinal herbs store owners lack academic education, but prescribe drugs, supplements and other health-related items,” Abdi said.

This official said in another part of his remarks about the “dangerous” activities of hairdressers, sports clubs and medicinal herbs stores, and said: "Unfortunately, these centers have deviated from their main business and activities.”

According to him, “Some sports educators do not even have grade nine education but they prescribe health-related medicine for young people that has increased the incidence of stroke and infertility among them.”

In the wake of costly narcotics in Iran, drug addicts who cannot pay for the high cost of narcotics, refer to the medicinal herbs sellers that prepare similar drugs, which are reported to cause complications and health problems in this regard.

These medicinal herbs sellers are forced to produce these (narcotic) drugs due to economic problems