NCRI - The Chair of Social Commission of the Iran regime’s Parliament, Salman Khodadadi on Tuesday, June 20 stated that nearly 1.3 million people became unemployed during the past year. He also admitted that some figures illustrate the 10 millions of increase in the level of unemployment.

Majlis Research Center had earlier predicted that in an optimistic scenario, the unemployment rate will reach 16% in 2021 and it might become 26% in the worst case.

The Statistical Center of Iran reported that the unemployment rate reached 12.4% in the last year and the country currently faces 2.2 million unemployed people.

According to Tasnim News, in order to overcome unemployment, the government has no choice but to keep the economic growth at an average level of 7% to 8% in the upcoming years. Additionally, they have to attract domestic and foreign investments.

The Vice President of Iran, Eshagh Jahangiri stated, "We need an Investment to an amount of 770 trillion Tomans ($237 billion) to create 950 Job opportunities. These financial resources shall be provided through foreign investments, government budget, the National Development Fund, Banks, and private sectors' investments."

Tasnim News announced that the budget proposed by Eshagh Jahangiri will reach 40000 trillion Tomans ($12.3 trillion) in the next five years; however, this number seems far-fetched.

The state-run Mehr News had earlier reported on April 24 2017 that the Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, Ali Rabiei and the MPs announced at a public session about unemployment, "The unemployment rate will not change until 2021 if one million job opportunities are created annually."

According to this report, the member of the Executive Committee of Majlis, Akbar Ranjabrzadeh stated that the unemployment statistics presented by Ali Rabiei differ from the figures of Majlis Research Center. He also stipulated that the Minister of Labor reported the unemployment figure of 3.2 million while the Research Center estimated 6.5 million people.

According to Mehr News, Majlis Research Center admitted to the increase of unemployment and its consequences in November 2016; announcing that the country will have more than 4 million unemployed people by 2021.