Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje

NCRI - Intense factional feuding during the Iranian regime’s sham election campaign has led to the spokesperson for the judiciary announcing that a number of people had been detained for “stealing certain documents” at the request of one of “the campaign headquarters”.

According to the state-run Mehr news agency, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei said on Tuesday, May 16: “In order to gather evidence against their rivals, one of the campaign headquarters has made some people steal some of their own campaign’s documents and hand them over to them, and so far some of them have been arrested and taken into custody.”

Mohseni Ejei, spokesperson and first deputy chief of the regime’s Judiciary, added that the thefts had taken place on two occasions.

No reference was made to which campaign headquarters had sought the thefts. In his statement Mohseni Ejei declared that currently “there are over 60 governmental and executive directors, including governors, mayors and directors who have committed election contraventions.”

He explained: “Unfortunately there have been numerous reports made to the judiciary in connection with contraventions by certain executive and governmental directors who are not allowed to enter election issues. In addition, some campaign headquarters, candidates and other concerned directors have committed contraventions considered of a criminal nature; they have been reported to the judiciary which is studying their cases.”

It seems that the regime’s judiciary spokesperson is reacting to the criticisms made against the judiciary and its spokesperson by incumbent president Hassan Rouhani and his first deputy during the televised debates.

During the debates, Rouhani and Eshaq Jahangiri implicitly accused the judiciary‘s spokesperson of destructing their image.

The regime’s judiciary has responded to those allegations and the Chief Justice has said that they will respond to those allegations after the election.

The spokesperson also added a bold threat to his statement on Tuesday. He warned: “Executive and governmental directors and those who are somehow connected to the executive system shouldn’t act beyond their limits. The election will end and those who have committed contraventions will face troubles. If they want to take the risk and act against the law, they should think of their families as they should not expect mercy tomorrow.”