Severe Security Atmosphere on the Eve of Iran Regime's 'Presidential Election'

NCRI - Former Intelligence Minister: another sedition is on the way

A senior official in Iranian regime’s law enforcement forces has announced that 20,000 special police units will be responsible for election security.

Meanwhile, regime’s former Minister of Intelligence ‘Haydar Moslehi’ has claimed that the ‘enemy’ is seeking to provoke ‘lower middle class’ and take them to the streets.

On the eve of presidential election show, regime’s chief of special police units ‘Hassan Karami’ declared that tripling of the units’ forces and equipments sends an alarming message to the sworn enemies of the regime and the revolution.

Special law enforcement units played a key role in the brutal crackdown on 2009 uprising.

Regime’s chief of law enforcement forces has repeatedly spoken of strengthening the special units over the past few years, while numerous maneuvers have also been held by the units during this time.

In the meantime, regime’s former Minister of Intelligence Haydar Moslehi has claimed that another sedition is going to happen following the presidential elections.

Moslehi believes, however, that this time the characteristics of the sedition will be different as the enemy is going to provoke lower middle class, contrary to 2009 in which, according to Moslehi, the upper middle class took to the streets.

Speaking among a group of Basij forces in Tehran, Moslehi said that he hopes the next sedition happens while Khamenei is still in power so that it can be prevented, according to state-run ISNA news agency.

“if the sedition is going to take place later (when Khameni is no longer the supreme leader)”, he added, “then anyone who succeeds Khamenei will not be able to handle it, just like Montazeri’s case, which if had happened after Khomeini’s death, no one could have handled it the way Khomeini did.”

By Montazeri’s case, Moslehi was pointing to Montazeri’s dismissal following his criticizing the 1988 massacre of political prisoners.