unemployed miners and those who used to work

NCRI - A number of unemployed miners and those who used to work in the village of Anguran, northwest Iran, blocked a road linking a local mine to the village, according to reports received from inside Iran. This protest gathering, taking place on Wednesday morning, blocked trucks from reaching the mine.

Working in the mines have led to health problems, including incurable diseases and cancer, and massive explosions are leading to the destruction of homes and pastures, according to the protesters.

Non-locals are currently working in the mines while people and youths from the area are unemployed.

The water used for stock being polluted and dusts raised from the mines causing problems for the villages especially during the mine explosions are other problems the locals are facing.

The explosions have caused people’s homes and stables to suffer damages. The dusts have also contaminated all agricultural products and grounds villagers use to feed their animals.

It is worth noting that despite living next to a massive mine, the villages of Anugran are deprived of even the most basic necessities including adequate roads, telephone lines, schools, decent homes and …

Locals in this area have in the past few days blocked roads for the miners for firing local workers and hiring others from abroad.

This mine is the largest lead producing mine in the Middle East. The mine is owned by the Iran Mines Production Company and the nearby factory is owned by the Calsimin Company.