Iran: Protests Against Widespread Corruption

NCRI - In the midst of a widespread and systematic corruption among government organizations and leaders of the Iranian regime, and clashes between its rival bands, this time a group of clerics and seminary students in Borujerd – Western Iran, have headed for Tehran on foot to protest against corruption among Friday prayer imams, and reveal how their own imam is involved in the process.

The clerics have in their latest statement pointed to a widespread corruption in Borujerd municipality, saying that Hassan Torabi, the city’s Friday prayer imam, is also involved in the corruption.

In their statement, the protesters have stated that many of country’s Friday prayer imams, like the current one in Borujerd, have themselves turned into sources of corruption.

The statement refers to Friday prayer imams in other cities across the country as ‘sponsors of holders of power and wealth’, saying that ‘this situation is intolerable’.

The protesters have also referred to Borujerd’s Friday prayer imam as ‘sponsor of widespread political and financial corruption’, saying that he along with some members of Borujerd city council ‘have been involved in a series of collusions and dirty trades in order to gain, maintain, and develop their illegitimate power’.

“The Friday prayer imam has colluded with the municipality in order to keep ruling over and managing all decision-making and administrative structures of the city”, say the protesters.

As the protesters say, the Friday prayer imam along with some members of the city council have in one of their collusions with Borujerd municipality illegally employed 700 new workforce.

The protesters also say that a Peugeout-405 has been illegally given to the city’s Friday prayer imam by Borujerd municipality.

The protesting clerics also stated that in one of the collusion cases, the billboards across Borujerd have been assigned to the son of the city’s Friday prayer imam at a very low price.

A number of clerics and seminary students in Borujerd, Loerstan province, started walking toward Tehran last week to protest against the corruption of the city’s Friday prayer imam, as well as those of other cities.