Escalation of Protests by Workers

NCRI - The number of protests staged by workers and other stipendiary employees has increased in recent days. The protesters rally in front of the Parliament of Iran, the Ministry of Labor, the Governorate, and their workplace.

On Monday, April 10th, the workers of ITI Factory of Shiraz staged protest demanding their 10-year receivables to be paid. The representative of workers stated that the managers have promised workers to pay their receivables within 18 months and accordingly, they will receive 2 to 3 billion Tomans ($616000-$716000) monthly. Nevertheless, their promise was never fulfilled.

Money losers of Caspian protested in front of the Ministry of Economy

A large number of those invested in Caspian Financial Institution lost their money 5 months ago. Following the fraud, the people lodged protest in front of the Ministry of Economy on April 10th.

The continuing protests by the brokers of the Agricultural Insurance Fund

The brokers of the Agricultural Insurance Fund rallied in front of the Parliament of Iran for the second day on Sunday, April 9th. The protesters came from different cities of Iran. They said that they will not stop protesting unless the authorities consider their job status and end the uncertainty.

The nurses of Beheshti Hospital of Kashan have not earned their receivables for 8 months. They say that their amount of salary is so low and yet have not been paid. Moreover, the current discriminations do not give them the right to protest.

Meanwhile, about 25 drivers of Abadan Municipal Services rallied in front of the Governorate on April 10th; demanding their due salaries to be paid. As the drivers said, the municipality has not paid them any money for the operation of machines since last year.

The workers of Pournam Shaghel Private Limited Company (PLC) went on strike

700 workers of Pournam Shaghel Private Limited Company (PLC) have not received their wage payments for 7 months. They have gone on strike twice during this period and have been forced to return to works since the employer has threatened them with dismissal. These workers are working in different areas including dam building, road and tunnel making in a road connecting Tehran to the north of Iran. They have not earned their due receivables from the contractors since November of the last year.

The dividends of Chromite Mines of Esfandegheh will not be paid to the shareholders

650 workers and pensioners of Esfandegheh Chromite Mines of Kerman demanded an investigation on their problems about receiving the dividends. The shareholders of the company whom most of them are now retired, claimed that no interest have been paid from the shares assigned in 1992.