NCRI - Ebrahim Raisi is officially announced the Iranian regime’s presidential candidate, with his candidacy revealing more than ever the Iranian regime’s critical conditions.

As one of the executioners and a member of the death committee that executed 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, and also for his running the empire of plundering ‘Astan Quds’ foundation, Raisi by himself is a true symbol of a regime that has been built on the foundations of blood and plundering.

With such a figure entering regime’s presidential show, it more than ever reveals the deadlock the regime is faced with while confronting the crises surrounding it from every side.

The main crisis, however, is the imminent confrontation of the Iranian people with the entire regime.

With Raisi’s candidacy, the 1988 massacre of MEK members and other political prisoners will inevitably be more than ever exposed to people, an unavoidable consequence that even state media are referring to with disapproval.

State-run Bultannews website writes in this regard on April 5 “with the release of Montazeri’s audio file and particularly the possibility of Ayatollah Raisi’s candidacy, it’s quite a while that the anti-revolutionary media are putting the spotlight on execution of MEK members in 1988, using it as an excuse to attack the regime, Khomeini, and recently Raisi.”

This is a concern for regime’s both rival bands, with Rouhani’s, which in the power struggle within the regime is standing against Raisi, being involved in the massacre as much as its rivals, so that Rouhani’s Justice Minister ‘Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi’ , for instance, is another executioner involved in 1988 massacre.

Thus, in the clash of regime’s two rival bands, the Resistance of Iran has inevitably entered the equation as a decisive parameter, turning the election show into a unique opportunity for people and the movement seeking justice for the victims of 1988 massacre.

Kayhan newspaper writes in this regard “today, similar to the 2009 sedition in which they revealed that ‘elections is just an excuse, the entire regime is targeted’, speaking of this or that candidate is just an excuse… Raisi, Jalili, and the likes of them are excuses. This is Khomeini’s decisiveness against the MEK in 1988 that’s being hated by the invaders.”

Thus, Raisi’s candidacy by itself approves the point that the entire regime is based and formed on the basis of massacre, a fact that regime leaders from both rival bands are struggling to hide by preventing the names of the murderers from being revealed.

State-run Rooydad website writes in this regard on April 4 “Raisi was one of the trio whose names were mentioned in Montazeri’s audio file, so that young people not familiar with Raisi’s past created an (unrealistic) image of him in their minds, an image that needs to be corrected through efforts that are underway.”

And by efforts to correct the revealed image of a murderer, they mean launching propaganda campaigns, like the one called “Raisi, come” in which young girls and women have been employed whose makeup and dresses by itself is considered an offense by regime’s standards, or giving free food with a daily cost of 9600 million tomans coming from Astan Quds’ immense wealth, or arranging dramatic meetings with poor people, etc. But the fact is that such efforts to improve the image of executioners could only fuel the fury and hatred of the Iranian people.

Raisi is also considered a candidate for Khamenei’s successor, with his win or loss in the election significantly impacting this issue as well. If Raisi loses the race, he’ll also miss the chance to achieve succession.

The result of this battle is also as much vital for Rouhani and his band, since if they lose the race, Rouhani will be doomed to a fate similar to Khatami’s, with his band forced to leave the scene or at least being sidelined for quite some time.