NCRI - The Iranian MP, Javad Karimi Ghodoosi affiliated with regime’s supreme leader Khamenei stated: “a person should be elected as the president that is motivated and has the revolutionary spirit, since monarchism will not resolve issues in governance."

Karimi Ghodoosi added: “concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Khamenei stressed that we shall not have the thirst for the agreement. We shall not say that our problems will not be solved unless a deal is signed.

Fars News On March 24th wrote:" Khamenei's speech at the beginning of the Iranian New Year signifies that government's measures were not successful in the economic sector and neither JCPOA nor the measures imposed by the authorities could change the life and livelihood of people."

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Naghavi Hosseini affiliated with Khamenei stated: “this administration cannot establish the economic strength. In order to create jobs and to boost the productions the government is waiting for the news from Vienna, Lausanne, and Geneva ". (Fars News, March 24th)

The Iranian MP, Hamidreza Fouladgar said: “instead of looking through the domestic issues, the government promised people and economic actors to wait for the outcome of JCPOA for years and after that, the post-JCPOA era arrived".(Nasim Online, March 24th )

The IRGC News in numerous articles highlights Rouhani's government with inefficiency, especially in the economic field. For instance, it quotes one of the economic experts of the regime writing that:" the inflation is still high in the market basket, the basic commodities, and consumptions. The proportion of incomes has sunk and the people have become indigent."(Fars News, March 24th)

Another media affiliated with Khamenei also attacked Rouhani reminding his failure in JCPOA and wrote:"so far, no money transfer has been made between the Iranian and the foreign banks. In fact, the problem still exists."

One of the members of the negotiating team on Iran Nuclear Deal, Baeedinejad confessed that even the bank account of the Iranian Embassy in London is still closed. (Raja News, March 24th)