Massoud Pezeshkian

NCRI - Iranian deputy parliament speaker acknowledged the fact that oppressive measures, poverty and unemployment are all on the rise in Iran.

“Poverty, unemployment and economic corruption across the country is taking place due to weak measures by the officials, and if we had allowed everybody to speak their minds, the country would not be in its current status quo,” he said.

“We shouldn’t be pointing fingers about the country’s problems. We ourselves have been the source of many problems, and the fact that we cannot face college students on campus and talk to them, it is our own mistakes and we have to see what we have done wrong that college students are mocking us today,” Massoud Pezeshkian said at a speech in Shiraz University on Wednesday night.

“It is our fault that it is not clear where $800 billion dollars has disappeared, and it is due to weak governance that we are currently facing such problems. We shouldn’t be blaming the U.S. or any other country. Were we asleep when all this embezzlement was taking place in the country? Where was the judiciary? We are the source of these problems, not the U.S.,” he added.