Mohsen Rezaee,

NCRI - Mohsen Rezaee, Former Revolutionary Guards Commander and the secretary of the Expediency Council and again the present incumbent Secretary of the Expediency Council warned that corruption and inefficiency of the clerical regime are acting like a bomb which could cause the collapse of the Iranian regime. According to a news report by terrorist Quds force affiliate ‘Tasnim News Agency,” on February 27, in the city of Lanjan in central province of Isfahan.

Addressing regime’s officials, reminding the collapse of Safavid and Qajar dynasties in the past said: “In addition to expanding our sphere of influence, we also need to keep an eye on what is going on inside the country.”

“It’s possible for a regime to collapse from within while it has a strong outward image”, he warned.

He added: “Iran was making progress during the Safavid era, but collapse from within at the end of their era.”

“Inefficiency, corruption, and deviations inside Iran are acting like a bomb, due to which we are going to be depleted from within unless we fight against them”, added Rezaee.

Citing recent environmental disaster in Khuzestan and drying up of the country’s lakes, Rezaee said: “all these problems are caused by inefficiency.”

Secretary of the Expediency Council called corruption the ‘second risk’ which is threatening the regime from within. He claimed that fighting inefficiency and corruption in the country needs an anti-western policy, which stands for fighting westernization, practicing revolutionary discipline and returning to the values of ‘Islamic Revolution”.