Iran Regime's MP

NCRI - The plenary session of Iranian regime’s parliament on Wednesday last week was filled with warnings and concerns expressed by regime’s bands over the consequences of socioeconomic crises and outburst of people’s anger due to increased poverty, deprivation and social inequality, with some of the comments listed below:

Abdollah Razian, member of regime’s Parliament Committee on Agriculture

Our detachment from people is a great risk, we need to be alert.

Country’s social inequality is increasing. Unemployment situation is close to explosion with no solution to resolve it, a worrying prospect.

institutionalized corruption and politicized behavior of us officials has unfortunately given rise to distrust among people. Our distance from people is a great risk and we need to be alert.

Naser Mousavi Larigani, vice chairman of Economic Committee

Manufacturing, industry and housing sectors are still hibernating. The silence in industrial sites and areas, closure of manufacturing units and bankruptcy of many factories point to the ongoing heavy shadow of recession over country’s production.”

He then maintained that “every day, we see the gap between rich and poor in society increase. Due to liberal economic policies, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are growing richer every day.”

Havaniruz retired employees were parliament’s guests yesterday. They cried, complaining about the discriminations they’ve been put through.

Polyacryl workers (Isfahan) have not been paid for nine months. Likewise, Isfahan’s Niloo Tile workers are facing the same problem.

Ahmad Salek, member of Parliament Cultural Committee:

First of all, let me remind the President to ensure that the problems of Isfahan’s Polyacryl workers be addressed. They’ve not been paid for nine months which has given rise to problems.

Aboldreza Azizi, head of Social Committee:

We need to figure out a solution for country’s most significant cancer flowing in its economic arteries. Our monetary and banking system is suffering a malignant cancer.

We can save our country from a military war, but not from an economic, currency one while continuing the current path.

The blood flowing in country’s economy is currently cancer money.