PaintAs a result of international sanctions against the Iranian regime, paint ?manufacturing factories are facing a crisis.?

According to the state-run news agency Mehr, paint has become a rare commodity in ?Tehran due to problems in transferring foreign currency out of the country.?

Tehran UniversityThe Iranian regime has put more pressures on the country’s higher education ?system with the Majlis (Parliament) ratifying Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s plan to privatize ?universities and hand them over to those closely tied to the regime.?

According to state-run news agencies on Friday, the mullahs’ parliament has agreed to ?permit the transfer of higher education institutions to private hands, including the ?Revolutionary Guards.?

BazarA strike by gold sellers in Iran has spread throughout the country and entered its ?third straight week on Wednesday with merchants declaring that they will back down the ?fulfillment of their demands.?

Fort the past fourteen days, Iranian gold and jewelry merchants have launched a strike to ?protest a proposed plan by the regime to raise taxes.

Crash Iran economyIn a report on the impact of sanctions on the Iranian regime, which has led to an ?economic crisis, the Arab language al-Arabiya TV said on Sunday that monetary ?imbalances is one of the outcomes of international punitive measures against Tehran.?

The TV said Iran’s merchants are increasingly blaming the regime for the Bazaar’s recent ?misfortunes.

MutlakUn leader de la coalition Irakiya, qui a remporté les élections législatives en Irak, a rejeté la candidature du premier ministre sortant Nouri al-Maliki à la tête du gouvernement, en disant qu’ « un deuxième round de dictature est inacceptable ».

Dans une interview sur la chaîne Al-Sharqiya dimanche 3 octobre, le Dr Saleh Mutlak, a ajouté: « Les lignes de la bataille politique en Irak ont été tracées, les partisans des desseins iraniens affrontent les partisans de la volonté nationale. » « Nous espérons que le parti qui s'aligne sur la volonté et la détermination de la nation se développera pour pouvoir former le prochain gouvernement dès que possible. »

JafariThe Iranian regime is “in a state of war,” the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) warned on Thursday, according to state-run news agency.

“Today, we are in a state of war,” Mohammad Ali Jafari said, adding, “But, this is a soft war, a cultural and political in nature, that is much faster and more dangerous than a military confrontation.”

ZandanThe number of prisoners in Iran has jumped 35% compared to last year, the clerical regime has announced.

The state-run Khabar Online on Tuesday quoted a regime official at the Prisons Organization as saying, “The overall prisoner population in the country was determined to be around 204,000” up until the end of the last Persian calendar month, which fell on September 22.

AhmadinejadA series of fatal attacks by the Iranian regime’s criminal factions against Iranian doctors has left a third physician in hospital after she was stabbed multiple times by unidentified attackers, according to a news website in Iran.

On Monday, state-run website Fararou reported that Dr. Parvaneh Moshtaq was attacked at her residence by an unidentified intruder wearing a ski mask and gloves. The assailant stabbed her five times before fleeing the scene.

Bazar-GoldJewelers in five major Iranian cities have launched an extensive strike in reaction to plans by the regime to raise taxes. The protests, which began last week in some parts of the country, continued into Sunday.

Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz and Ardebil were reported to be the main areas where strikes are occurring, according to obtained reports and state-run new agencies in Iran.

AllawiA former prime minister of Iraq, Dr. Ayad Allawi, has issued a stern warning to the incumbent prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, saying that no one will rule Iraq forever and suggesting Maliki’s insistence to hold the position would seriously harm Iraq’s fragile democracy.

Since losing the March parliamentary elections in Iraq, Maliki has refused to acknowledge growing calls for him to step down. Mr. Allawi’s al-Iraqiya list won the majority of seats in parliament and is legally tasked with forming the new government.