Khamenei: The objective of region's uprisings is religious rule of people based on Islamic Sharia and formation of a Unified Islamic Ummah

NCRI - On Saturday, September 17, mullahs' regime gathered a number of its elements and cohorts from various countries in Tehran under the pretext of "Islamic Awakening Conference" to brief them on region's new circumstances and clerical regime's new plans and programs for the export of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Today, brave young people turned a football match between “Isteghlal” and “Tractor Sazi” of Tabriz into a protest against the clerical regime. This protest is in response to the heroic uprising of the people of Tabriz and Uremia protesting against the repressive and destructive policies of the ruling religious fascism is in Uremia.

The remarks of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in his meeting on Thursday, September 8, with members of the mullahs’ Assembly of Experts was a display of the Velayat-e Faqih’s (supreme clerical rule) loss of clout and the regime’s fragile state on one hand and the mullahs’ fear of uprisings in the region as well as Khamenei’s futile attempt to take advantage of them.

Khamenei who has been discredited amongst all clerics, including mullahs within the ruling clique, yet calls himself the “regime’s main kingpin” said: “Absolute clerical rule is a flexible concept of rule … which can rectify or amend a path wherever necessary.” He however warned: “One must be wary of a dangerous misunderstanding of this concept by mixing flexibility with deviation and short-comings in the face of foreign pressures.”

Uprising in Northwestern Iran - Statement No. 3

Demonstration in Abressan Square of Tabriz was more extensive than other locations. From 7 pm to 9 pm, over 5,000 people of Tabriz gathered at the square and chanted anti-government slogans. The Basij forces attempted to disrupt the demonstration; however, they were confronted by resolute youth. Consequently a number of the Basij elements were injured and taken to the hospital. Parts of the suppressive forces, like those in Abressan Police Station No. 17, are still on alert at midnight.

Military Occupation of Camp Ashraf – No. 141

15-meter poles and electronic equipment purchased and installed by MOIS and terrorist Qods Force

In statement 'Military Occupation of Camp Ashraf - No. 137' of 27 August 2011, the Iranian Resistance declared that the clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry and terrorist Qods Force have resorted to installing two tall communication poles south of Ashraf to spy, fabricate dossiers, and issue bogus decrees against Ashraf residents. This measure was implemented through complete assistance from Iraqi forces. Now, the Iranian Resistance has received new details of this conspiracy from inside Iran and while disclosing it for public information, it calls for urgent interference from the U.S. and the UN to prevent continuation of this illegal and suppressive measure.

Uprising in Northwestern Iran - Statement No.2

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of Iranian Resistance, praised the people of Orumieh and Tabriz for their uprising and described the courageous uprising of people of Azerbaijan as a sign of eruption of dissent of Iranian society in its entirety that would not tolerate the clerical regime.

Uprising in Northwestern Iran - Statement No. 1

 On Saturday, September 3rd, people of cities of Tabriz (capital of Eastern Azerbaijan Province) and Urumieh (capital of Western Azerbaijan Province) continued their demonstrations of past weeks by staging an extensive anti-government demonstration. Demonstrators protested against the anti-people policies of the clerical regime, including policies that have resulted in the drying out of Urumieh Lake.

Mullahs’ fear of balance shift in the region and fall of regime

 In recent days, the mullahs’ regime is conducting a series of public missile tests and maneuvers. The maneuvers, that according to regime’s officials will take 10 days, are taking place at a time when regime’s internal crisis and infighting has escalated to Khamenei and Ahmadinejad and the international and regional balance, especially as a result of Syrian people’s uprising, has shifted against the regime in an unprecedented fashion.

The father of two young political prisoners, who were executed recently by the clerical regime, has said in a message that the criminal regime can never escape its certain fate with the hanging of his sons.

Bijan Fathi, the father of Abdollah and Mohammad, who were hanged by the regime at Esfahan Prison on Tuesday, said, “The republic of crime and ignorance, which sees the continuing of its despicable survival contingent on the persistence and domination of an atmosphere of terror and fear, hanged Abdollah Fathi, 27, and Mohammad Fathi, 28, on Tuesday, March 17, 2011, on charges of Moharebeh [enmity against God], at Esfahan Prison.”

University students from 19 universities throughout Iran join students from Tehran University and Medical Sciences in their call for holding a protest and strike on May 15. A statement issued by students from 19 national universities says: “At a time when the wind of Spring is blowing throughout the Middle East, Iran has not been exempted from the fragrance of this wind and once again, the universities, the bastion of steadfastness and resistance, stood up from under attack of the anti-freedom despots and gave new hopes to those eager for freedom that: yes, universities are alive…”