From left: Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and RouhaniIn a speech marking the Iranian New Year, Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader called into question the Holocaust.

Speaking in Mashhad, Khamenei said: “Does anybody dare talk about [the] Holocaust in Europe? Then they expect us to disregard our red lines".

More than six months after Rouhani took office, hopes of a quick economic recovery are fading among ordinary Iranians, business owners and investors, while economists say the government is running out of cash, The New York Times reported.

"With the start of the Iranian new year, on Friday, the government will begin phasing out subsidies on energy, the start of a process that will send the prices of gasoline and electricity, and other utilities, soaring by nearly 90 percent, economists say."

Source: Los Angeles Times
LAKE URMIA, Iran — An eerie and forlorn tableau greets visitors to the arid shores of this once-vast lake in Iran's far northwest. Rusting ships sit wedged in deep black mud. Stray dogs nibble on rotting planks from long-discarded beach chairs and derelict bungalows.

Lake Urmia, long counted among the world's largest saltwater lakes — almost 90 miles in length and stretching 34 miles at its widest point — is today a pitiful shadow of its former self.

The Iranian regime's Supreme Leader named the new Iranian year “The Year of Economy and Culture with National Determination and Jihadi Management”.

This naming demonstrates Ali Khamenei's decision for more control by Iranian regime's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) over the country's economy as well as affairs related to cinema, film, publications and news media.

Ali Khamenei admitted mullahs failure in resolving deep economic crises engulfing his regime.

"The economic epic was not established as much as it was expected and it is necessary to be realized in the new year", he said.

He also emphasized on the "economy of resistance ", the policy ordered by Khamenei in February to counter international sanctions.

Khamenei's remarks were part of his annual speech for the Persian New Year, Nowruz. He spoke on Friday in Mashhad, in northeastern Iran.

NCRI - Paranoid mullahs cut Internet access and SMS service on some mobile networks which they fear millions of people will use to organize protests during the fire festival or Chaharshanbeh-Souri.

The Iranian New Year, or Nowruz, on March 21 marks the first day of spring, and celebrations traditionally begin on the last Tuesday of the year ending with the Fire Festival.

Source: The Washington Times, EDITORIAL
The hangman is out of work in most of the West. Even in the United States, where several states are searching for more “compassionate” ways to kill, capital punishment is not as popular as it used to be.

The mullahs in Iran are as enthusiastic as ever in meting “justice” at the end of a rope. International human rights groups are raising protests, but the mullahs vow no mercy, but continued repression, ever harsher.

A large group of Tehran residents gathered outside the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (MIMT) on Monday to protest high prices of subsidized fruits and vegetables being distributed by the government on the occasion of Iranian New Year.

Despite promises made by Hassan Rouhani to improve the economic conditions, the government has increased the prices of a number of items and services in past three months.

Royal Dutch Shell's local unit in Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday refused fueling a jet carrying the visiting speaker of the Iranian regime's parliament.

Ali Larijani was forced to cancel the next leg of a planned African tour because of a 24-hour delay when his plane was not refueled at Cape Town International Airport.

An Iranian regime's official acknowledged the catastrophe of sale of children in the Iran under the rule of the mullahs.

Mohammad-taqi Hosseini, Deputy of Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, stated: “The phenomenon of street workers became prevalent in the country in the 2000s. The street workers children is a context that encompasses various groups of children who whether they like it or not are compelled to spend part or their whole lives on the streets.” He said: “Most of the children bought and sold have no birth certificates.”

NCRI - Reporteurs Sans Frontieres has marked the World Day Against Cyber Censorship (March 12) by naming 31 institutions as "Enemies of the Internet" for their role at the heart of governments’ surveillance or censorship.

The 2014 list of Enemies of the Internet includes “surveillance dealerships” forums that bring companies specializing in communications interception or online content blocking together with the officials from the regime's such as the clerical regime in Iran.