Iran: A Dream Perished on the Streets

By Mohammad Sadat Khansari

In the cities and villages of Iran exist children with short-lasting crazes for the start of the new academic year but instead end up working at local brick kilns or as carpet makers to help support their families.

During the first few days of the opening of schools, once again the number of children who will be deprived of education is discussed.

Iran Uprising- No. 209

On Sunday, September 23, truck drivers and heavy vehicle drivers went on strike across 136 cities in 31 provinces of Iran. They refused to move and load goods; as a result, the main terminals of the country were shut down. This strike followed the general strike of truck and heavy vehicle drivers in May and July this year. Fuel-supplying tanker drivers also joined the strike in some cities like Tabriz, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Arak.

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• Pompeo: Will respond immediately to Iranian actions against our interests

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday, that Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world, stressing that Washington will respond immediately to any Iranian actions against its interests.

Protests in Iran Continue to Grow
Iran could be toppled by the ongoing protests in the country

By Staff Writer

The ongoing Iranian uprising was sparked after the Middle Eastern country’s economy began to spiral last year. Activists began their anti-regime protests in December 2017, as the Iranian people were pushed to the breaking point by rising prices, a falling rial, and a draft budget that cut subsidiaries for the poor and increased spending on the military.

textile weavers of Mazandaran has gone down from 7000 to just 300
textile weavers of Mazandaran has gone down from 7000 to just 300

By Staff Writer

The number of textile weavers of Mazandaran has gone down from 7000 to just 300

On 15th September 2018, the state-run newsagency – ILNA – published the following article in this regard:

The executive secretary of Mazandaran’s Labour Party, Nasrollah Daryabeygi, considers the mismanagement of this province’s textile factory, i.e., the lack of a proper CEO or a Board of Directors, as the main source of its workers’ problems. He specified that these issues won’t be resolved unless the government does something about them.

Iran Regime Continues Its Crackdown on People

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Reports from Iran indicate that two Iranian artists have been arrested for partaking in an interpretation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare. Those arrested have been named as Saeed Assadi, the manager of the theatre that was hosting the show, and Maryam Kazemi who was acting as director of the play.

Excessive Imports and Smuggling Main Cause of Factory Shut Downs in Iran

By Amir Taghati

The excessive imports and smuggling of goods is a main reason behind the ongoing close-downs of producing factories and units, and subsequently, the reason behind job loss as well.

protest in iran

By Mohammad Sadat Khansari

On August 13th 2018, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claimed that the regime is facing no dead-ends, and simply recommended a “revolutionary and efficient management” for “resolving the issues at hand”.

Iran’s Currency Crisis Worsens as Threat of Greater International Pressure Looms

Mahmoud Hakamian

The devaluation of Iran’s national currency continues to accelerate in what could be a sign of the early effectiveness of the return of American sanctions that had previously been suspended under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.