KhameneiThe Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader has traveled to the city of Qom for the third time.

According to state-run news agencies, Ali Khamenei visited Qom Saturday night and met with mullahs Javadi Amoli and Shabiri Zanjani.

Professor-Richard-FryeA recent revelation about televised comments by an American professor that the Iranian regime will eventually change has provoked more bickering among the clerical regime’s factions, with some asking the mullahs’ President to take back the house the professor received as a gift in Esfahan.

Professor Richard Frye said in an interview with CNN, the clip of which has become available online, that the theocracy in Iran “is going to change anyhow and it will change.”

Qom MullaNCRI – The Iranian regime’s Friday prayers leader in Qom said on Saturday that the city’s residents have “insulted” the clerical regime, its leader and values, according to the state-run Channel 2 TV.

Mullah Saeedi made the comments as the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, was continuing a hasty visit to the city.

SajedneyaThe commander of the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) said on Saturday that a number of young Iranian artists working underground have been arrested, according to the state-run Jahan News.

Hossein Sajedinia said, “These individuals were providing their musical productions to cyber networks and satellite channels opposed to the establishment.”

prison CampThe clerical regime in Iran has announced a decision to transfer 30-40 thousand prisoners to forced labour camps, according to the state-run Kayhan daily.

The daily added that the number of prisoners in Iran has exceeded the maximum capacity of 204,000 prisoners.

Iran-GasGas bills in Tehran have reportedly seen sudden jumps in amount, in some places up to eight times, according to state-run news agencies.

The state-run Donyay-e Eqtesad has reported that even before the implementation of a plan by the regime to lift subsidies, gas prices have jumped considerably, “leading to worries about what would happen to these prices when energy prices are normalized.”

YunasiA former intelligence minister of the Iranian regime has raised alarm about the international community’s consensus against the clerical regime and the possibility of a military strike.

According to the state-affiliated Parliament News, Ali Younesi said, “Threats exist. Just listen to most of the interviews and remarks made by our own military officials, who refer to these foreign threats all the time.”

InternetThe Iranian regime has announced plans to identify internet users as an apparent bid to prevent youths from using the Web to disseminate information and news reports.

A deputy at the Intelligence Technology Company told the state-run daily Khorasan that, “With the implementation of this plan, more than 3 million IP addresses in the country will have designated references. Knowing the owners of these IP addresses will be very important for legal reasons, to combat internet offenses and security issues.”

KhameneiDespite the Iranian regime’s propaganda and pressures, religious leaders in Qom ?refused to take part both in ceremonies meant to welcome the mullahs’ Supreme Leader ?to the city as well as the meetings where he spoke

Shortly prior to Khamenei’s speech at Qom’s Astaneh Square, the state-run Mehr news ?agency said that a number of religious leaders were sitting in a booth reserved for special ?guests.?

UNESAFA decision by UNESCO to hold the World Philosophy Day in Tehran has come ?under extensive protests from notable philosophers and other circles.?

The Wall Street Journal reported on October 9, German philosopher Otfried Höffe, who ?was scheduled to deliver a keynote address in Tehran, will not be attending the event.?