IRAN: During the January 2018 Uprising 4,600 Youth Were Arrested

Continued political arrests and the need for immediate action to release prisoners and visiting prisons

Revolutionary Guard Hassan Abbasi, in an interview with the state television, acknowledged that during the uprising of 2018, about 4,600 young people were arrested by repressive forces. He rejected the possibility of any "velvet revolution" or "color revolution" in Iran, and said: "What happened in 2018 was 4500-4600 of these young people in the street who were arrested." (Ofogh state TV, June 1, 2019)



By Shahriar Kia

The long-suffering people of Iran have been making calls for regime change. They have been calling the regime out for its mismanagement and corruption. They have made it very clear that they do not support the regime’s interventions across the region. They want it to be known that they are horrified that the regime is spreading chaos across the Middle East.

rouhani -khameni

By Shahriar Kia

The people of Iran have been described by U.S. President Trump as the first victims of the Iranian regime. They are far from the only victims of the Iranian regime, but they are by far the longest suffering.


Iran: Regime's MP Admits Domestic Issues Present More Threat Than U.S.

By Shamsi Saadati

The Iranian regime is in a very difficult position. It is subject to major economic sanctions and the people of Iran are applying immense domestic pressure. The Trump administration is also in the midst of a maximum pressure campaign on Iran and morale is low in the country.

Iran's Fishermen Protest Chinese Fishing Vessels

By Shahriar Kia

Local fishermen in the city of Chabahar, southeast Iran, held a rally on Thursday protesting Chinese troll vessels in the 12-mile area of the coast.

The semi-official ILNA news agency wrote, “A group of fishermen from Sistan and Baluchistan Province were protesting Chinese troll vessels entering the waters used by small fishing boats and larger vessels belonging to locals.


By Mahmoud Hakamian

On Monday, the open-door session of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) began behind closed doors where members discussed the consequences of increasing gasoline prices and subsequent fuel rationing.

Iran Economy Has No Hope of Recovery

By Shahriar Kia

The economy of Iran has been in tatters for a number of years now. Decades of corruption and mismanagement have made sure that recovery cannot happen with the current government’s practices.

flood in iran

Iran Flood – No. 10

While the devastating flood affects more regions of the country, such as Khorasan, Hormozgan, Kerman, and other provinces of the country, the religious fascism ruling Iran has resorted to suppressive measures against the people of these areas and preventing popular protests instead of helping flood victims.