Inhumane sentences in Iran handed down under direct supervision of Khamenei

Inhumane draconian punishments by the Iranian regime are handed down under the direct supervision and orders of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, the head of the Iranian regime’s judiciary in Khuzestan said on Wednesday.

In comments published by the state-run news agency Fars, Mohammad Baqer Olfat described “complete and utter compliance” with the orders of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, as “one of the characteristic features of the revolutionary courts.”

“The revolutionary courts are an undeniable imperative and the sedition of 2009 illustrated the need for such courts,” he added in reference to the mass popular uprisings in 2009 against the clerical regime.

Olfat added, “Combating dissenters and groups opposing the revolution are among the top objectives of the revolutionary courts.”

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