Inhumane pressures by Iraqi committee against Camp Ashraf’s patients

 In yet another suppressive and inhumane measure, on the orders of the Iraqi committee at the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of suppressing Ashraf, Iraqi forces compelled a person accompanying one of the female patients from Ashraf, to leave special care unit at a hospital in Baghdad. The patient had been transferred three days ago on an urgent basis to the hospital and placed under intensive care for critical heart condition. She was accompanied by two others and her situation was closely monitored by doctors. However, since yesterday, Iraqi forces acting on the orders of the committee in charge of suppression of Ashraf, threatened one of the accompanying individuals with arrest unless she returns to Ashraf. Moreover, in order to increase pressures on the patient, they also caused problems during the treatment. In one instance, they even prevented the entry of a doctor to the room, saying that the committee has to approve doctors’ visits!


The committee for suppression of Ashraf at the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office has as such increased its inhumane pressures on patients who are compelled to exit Ashraf to be treated by specialists, in order to do the bidding of the religious fascism ruling Iran. Not allowing patients to be accompanied by relatives, care takers, nurses or translators, coupled with the imposition of all sorts of other restrictions and obstructions has meant that many patients are unable to be transferred to hospitals outside of Ashraf. As a result of such restrictions, the condition of many patients has deteriorated over the past one year and a half and they now face severe physical problems. Were these patients treated at the onset of signs of complications, they would have been completely cured.

The unjust medical restrictions is part of the wider inhumane siege on Ashraf, which began in early 2009 after the protection of the camp was transferred to Iraqi forces. These restrictions are flagrant violations of international laws and conventions and are considered instances of crimes against humanity.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Secretary General, the UNSG’s Special Representative to Iraq, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, US officials and commanders, and all international human rights advocates to the persistence of suppression and pressures against Ashraf, especially with regards to patients. The Iranian Resistance calls on these authorities to enact urgent measures to end the unjust and inhumane siege on Camp Ashraf.


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