Ingrid Betancourt: The residents of Ashraf are facing death threat

A report from Swiss Radio VanFM, August 11, 2011
Many dignitaries including Ingrid Betancourt gathered in Geneva in an international conference to ask the United Nations to take action vis-à-vis the alarming situation of Camp Ashraf in Iraq.
The Iranian dissidents who live in this camp were attacked by Iraqi army. They have been told to leave the camp before the end of the year. Here is Ingrid Betancourt’s view:

“When it comes to dealing with this genocide, those responsible everywhere in the world pretend they are deaf. Everybody passes the ball to somebody else’s court and nobody wants to take responsibility.

The matter of fact is, this is a much simpler matter than organizing an air raid to Libya. All you need to do is to issue 3500 visas to those who need them in order to save their lives.

But I think every one of us has to eventually roll our sleeves; every one of us here must know that Ashraf is a refugee camp in Iraq; that those men and women only want democracy for their country; that they are in a country that does not want them any more and that they are facing death threat. This is what makes it horrific.”

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