Increasing Number of Loud Speakers at the Eastern Flank of Ashraf to 60 with the help of Iraqi Forces under Maliki Command

Total number of loud speakers reaches 180

The agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) installed 40 new loud speakers at the eastern flank of Ashraf. As such, the total number of loud speakers at the eastern flank reaches 60 and the total number of loud speakers around Ashraf is now 180. This happens on the 12th month of ongoing psychological torture against Ashraf residents and prior to an upcoming mockery and show by the regime’s Iraqi agents on the west and south of Ashraf scheduled to take place on January 7.

The new loud speakers are installed on two large stands placed by Iraqi forces under the command of Maliki. The stands were transferred to the eastern flank of Ashraf by military vehicles belonging the Iraqi military battalion stationed at Ashraf.
In addition, in the past few days a number of construction vehicles as well as construction materials including cement,  and sand  have been transferred to the location of agents of the MOIS in the eastern flank in order to expand the facilities for the stay of agents in that location. In addition a road, three kilometers long, is planned to be constructed between the location of regime’s agents in the eastern and southern flanks.
This takes at a time when scores of buildings in Ashraf are deteriorating creating serious danger for the residents. Yet the Committee responsible for suppressing Ashraf has prevented any cement and sand to enter Ashraf to repair roads and buildings.

As the most distinguished international jurists and human rights organizations have reiterated, what is taking place around Ashraf with loudspeakers is a clear case of psychological torture. The National Court of Spain in its ruling on December 27 underscored that any action that would constitute a major violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, such as physical and psychological torture, murder and massacre, is a crime against humanity and its perpetrators and masterminds should be put on trial and be brought to justice.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 6, 2011

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