Increase of repression during Muharram in fear of a repeat of the uprising of Ashura 2009

Dedicating tens of thousands of suppressive forces in the framework of “Moharram-friendly police” across the country to control mourning groups

The clerical regime, in fear of people and youths’ protests on the occasion of the mourning processions of Imam Hossein, and a repeat of the uprising of Ashura 2009 (December 6th, 2009), has intensified suppression in cities across Iran under the pretext of “Promoting security and maintaining order”, and in addition to all of the Security forces, revolutionary Guards and plainclothes agents, has organized tens of thousands of agents in the framework of “Moharram-friendly police” to control mourning processions.

According to Ahmadreza Radan, the commander of Great Tehran Security Forces, the number of these forces has doubled compared to last year. (State-run TV, November 14). The
The commander of Esfahan Security forces said in this regard: “Police are determined to maintain order and security in mourning processions with full force, and in this respect do not allow disorder to anyone during the processions”. He mentioned that “Cooperation with police station in case of witnessing any suspicious act … and preventing enemies’ abuse of mourning processions” is a mandatory responsibility of these agents.
While some commanders of the Security forces have tried to cover up suppressive missions of these agents as “order for the processions and traffic”, the commander of Golpayegan Security forces clearly said: “These forces are responsible for the security of the city day and night with full force during this month …”
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
Secteraitial of National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 23, 2012

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