In yet another inhuman act, the Iraqi government prevents the residents from taking in the most basic living necessities.The US and UN silence is unacceptable

Liberty Communique No. 36
Per orders from the Iraqi government’s representative Sadeq Mohammad Kazem, Capitan Ahmad Khazir and his plain cloth forces who have recently been stationed in Camp Liberty have prevented two truckloads of basic living necessities from entering the camp. The truckloads included food items such as beans, flour, pasta, and hygiene items such as water, water pipes, water pitcher, tricycles for the disabled residents, fabric, water pump, sewing machines, and alike.

The camp residents have immediate need for the above items. Several of the disabled camp residents have long been waiting for the tricycles that were returned today. Water pumps are vital for the residents since the Iraqi officials have done nothing for the malfunctioning water pumps.  The residents repeated contacts with the UN officials to resolve the situation was fruitless and the trucks had to leave around 11:00 PM.

Preventing the basic vital items from entering the camp as well as constant presence and harassment of the plain cloth agents in the camp clearly violates the MoU that was signed between the Iraqi government and the UN Special Representative. Chapter 3 of the MoU stipulates that the Iraqi government will respect and  guarantee the humanitarian rights of the camp residents and that the Iraqi government will allow the residents to obtain, with their own funds, the basic necessities of the residents such as food, water, communication devices, hygiene commodities, and cleaning and maintenance tools. The memorandum also states that the security forces will be stationed at the transit and guarantee that the UN personnel in the camp will be able to carry out their daily responsibilities.

The Iranian resistance demands that the UNAMI and the UN Special Representative answer the following two questions:

1. Does the continuous blocking of the vital items from the entering the camp during the past four months violate the MoU?
2. Are Messrs. Kazem and Khazir and their plain cloth agents been trained by the UNAMI?
If the answer to the above questions is negative, why has UNAMI been silent? Why does not the UNAMI take a stance against these violations and does not report them?

The Iranian resistance once again emphasizes that the systematic repression of the camp residents by the Iraqi government is per Iranian regime’s request  to make the residents give up their resistance and prepares the situation for a third massacre of the residents. The Iranian resistance asks the UN and the US to condemn these violations.

The indifference toward Iraqi repression of the camp residents and its violation of the MoU is shameful and is against all values that the UN stands for.

National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 9, 2012


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