In violation of the MoU with the UN – Government of Iraq agrees with stationing of the MOIS agents in Camp Liberty and psychological torture of the residents

Liberty – Statement 23

Simultaneous with transfer of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty, the mullahs’ Ministry of Security and Intelligence (MOIS) intends to transfer its agents , who have been engaged in psychological torture of Ashraf residents for the past 26 months, to Camp Liberty. The mullahs’ embassy in Baghdad has obtained the agreement of the Government of Iraq for stationing these agents at Liberty.

They are the same agents, who under the guise of families of Ashraf residents have been present in front of Ashraf since February 2009 incessantly and have been replaced by other agents in rotation.


The Government of Iraq has provided a  separated part of Camp Liberty to the Embassy so it would be assigned to its agents . Ali Reshadatmand, a notorious MOIS agent at the Embassy, is in charge of setting up this place.

Akbarzadeh and Ahmad Hajari, two of key figures of the torture campaign, who have spent most of the past 26 months in Ashraf, are supposed to be stationed at Liberty ahead of the others. The MOIS intends to transfer all of its facilities from Ashraf to Liberty.
The naive and wishful plan of the clerical regime and its Iraqi proxies is that by exerting pressure on the PMOI members, they would  give up and surrender and would return to Iran.
The Government of Iraq’s agreeing with transfer of torturers and the MOIS agents to Camp Liberty and facilitating their staying there, is complicity in crime against humanity and a blatant, dire violation of the MoU between this government and the UN. While emphasizing on the Government of Iraq’s  commitment on international human rights, the MoU stipulates that the GoI should guarantee that Camp Liberty “meets human rights and humanitarian standards.”
Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations Secretary General, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, as well as the U.S. Secretary of State, her Special Representative on Ashraf and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to prevent  setting up of a new torture chamber adjacent to Camp Liberty and violation of the MoU.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 14, 2012

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