In letter to UNSG, Jordanian parliamentarian demands protection of Camp Ashraf residents

A Jordanian parliamentarian wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General on the first anniversary of the brutal attacks by the Iranian regime’s Iraqi proxies against Camp Ashraf, where 3,400 members of the main opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) reside northeast of Baghdad.

Experts of the text of Dr. Yousef al-Sarayereh’s letter are as follows:

“At this juncture, the Iranian regime seeks to exploit the legal vacuum and political anarchy reigning in Iraq. We will never forget last year’s attack by Iraqi forces against Camp Ashraf which led to the martyrdom of 11 people and wounding and maiming of 500 more. That is why we:

1. Call for the establishment of a monitoring team by American forces in Ashraf in order to protect the residents;
2. Demand the lifting of the unjust siege on Ashraf;
3. Call on the Iraqi government to end the psychological torture of Ashraf residents through the agents of the Iranian regime who are camping in front of Ashraf’s main gate;
4. Demand the annulment of all unlawful decisions against the camp’s residents;
5. Demand that Ashraf residents be recognized as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention;
6. Call on the Iraqi government to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as with the April 24, 2009 resolution of the European Parliament on Ashraf.”


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