In fear of looming parliamentary election fiasco and popular uprisings, clerical regime misrepresents PMOI and U.S. as guilty parties in advance

Camp Ashraf military occupation– No. 153

On Sunday, October 23, in an idiotic attempt to place the blame elsewhere, the clerical regime claimed that the PMOI and the CIA have a joint plan to raise tumult in its next parliamentary election. This nonsense comes at a time that in these very days claims by this regime that the PMOI is involved in the plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador and massacre of foreign diplomats or American citizens has turned into a disgrace for this regime.

In this delirium caused by fear of a looming fiasco in its parliamentary elections and a revival of popular uprisings, the clerical regime puts the blame on the PMOI and the U.S. which is at the same time the first step in using this falsity as an excuse for an attack on Ashraf.

The Fars News Agency, affiliated with the IRGC, wrote on October 23: there has been coordination between the PMOI and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency “for subversive actions in the ninth election of the Islamic Council Majlis… in a meeting between CIA authorities and a number of PMOI leaders… there has been agreement to make operational all possible avenues to disrupt the upcoming elections and the necessity of collaboration of both parties with the internal adversaries [of the regime] “.

The IRGC that is paranoiac about the growing popularity of the PMOI and its role in popular uprisings adds: In this meeting the PMOI “stated its readiness to stage widespread protests inside Iran and the U.S. side declared its preparedness to assist in any way possible while threatening that it would cut off all support from this grouplet if it fails to cause disruption [inside Iran] during election time”.

Such lies is indicative of a desperate regime engulfed with crises that finds itself on the verge of overthrow more than ever considering the fate of Libyan dictator, popular uprisings in Syria, the collapse of its regional front, escalation of its internal disputes, and increasing popular hatred and rage.
After the Quds Force’s terrorist plot in the U.S. was disclosed, the mullahs’ regime in a similar falsification claimed that one of those accused of the plot is a PMOI member. The U.S. government immediately announced, These reports originate solely with Iranian state media sources, which have a documented history of fabricating news stories, while American officials are sure that the man is an officer of the Quds Force. A U.S. official said, “Interpol had discovered no link to the opposition group, calling the Iranian news report “pure fiction.”
” (The New York Times- 19 October 2011)

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 24, 2011


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