In Brussels, Mrs. Rajavi meets European Parliament VP and Italian MEP

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, had met and held talks with a Vice President of the European Parliament, Mr. Gianni Pittella, and another MEP from Italy, Rosario Crocetta, during her trip to Brussels.

Mr. Pittella expressed satisfaction in the meeting over the adoption of a European Parliament resolution on November 25 about Camp Ashraf. He had chaired the parliamentary session in Strasbourg on that day. Mr. Pittella reassured Mrs. Rajavi that the European Parliament will seriously follow the case of Ashraf’s protection.

Mrs. Rajavi thanked the sense of responsibility and efforts of the European Parliament for Ashraf, which were evident in the adoption of the important resolutions on April 24, 2009 and November 25, 2010 as well as the expression of solidarity and continues efforts of MEPs and the parliament’s presiding board.

Mrs. Rajavi said that these efforts are not only

Mr. Pittella voiced gratitude towards the Iranian Resistance for exposing the Iranian regime’s clandestine nuclear wweapons program and said the European Parliament has the obligation be more alert about the regime’s illegitimate activities in this field.

In her meeting with Mr. Crocetta, Mrs. Rajavi thanked the MEP for the continued and unabated support for Ashraf by him and his colleagues. Mrs. Raajvi added that such support for the people and resistance of Iran counts as a great service to regional and world peace and democracy.

Mr. Crocetta pointed to the protest by Iranian exiles across from the European Parliament, which took place in freezing temperature, and said, “I am always impressed by the courage of resistance supporters. They loudly express their opinions against the dictatorship.”

He added, “My support for the Iranian resistance movement is heart-felt and stems from my admiration of Iranian culture and literature compounded by your humanitarian and democratic interpretation of Islam.”




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