In a humiliating act, Iranian regime’s Minister of Defense was expelled from Bolivia for being a terrorist

The government of Bolivia expelled terrorist Vahidi, Iranian regime’s Minister of Defense, for his participation in the deadly bombing in Argentina.

Government-run Asre Iran reported on June 1 that Vahidi went to Bolivia subsequent to an invitation from the Bolivian Minister of Defense, but the Argentine government strongly protested the Bolivian decision for inviting a terrorist. In a letter to the Argentinian Foreign Ministry, Bolivia apologized and announced that it will ask Vahidi to leave that country as fast as possible.

Admitting the humiliating ejection of Vahidi from Bolivia, state-run Asre Iran wrote: “In its letter, Bolivian Foreign Ministry said that it was unaware of AMIA’s case and the role of Iranian regime’s Minister of Defense in that terrorist attack; therefore, for its oversight, it deeply apologized to Argentina.”

Bolivia announced that the Iranian Minister of Defense left that country on Tuesday evening (local time) shortly after his arrival in Bolivia, Asre Iran wrote.

Deeply burned by Bolivia’s steadfast decision for expelling terrorist Vahidi from that country, state-run Jahan News addressed Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry on June 1st and wrote: “What is the foreign policy machinery of Iran doing? Now the question to ask leaders of Iran’s foreign policy apparatus is: ‘Don’t you feel ashamed that Revolutionary Guards General Vahidi – not as a minister, but as an old soldier of holy defense – was treated like that and you didn’t take the necessary steps to avoid it?’ Then, the more important question is what is Iran’s foreign policy apparatus doing?”

Referring to the humiliating removal of Iranian regime’s former Foreign Minister by Ahmadinejad, state-run  Jahan News wrote: “Of course, one should not expect much from a system whose leader, during in an official visit to Senegal, hears the news of his own removal from the Senegali side.”

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