IAEA report censure Iranian regime’s defiance of UNSC resolutions

The UN nuclear watchdog has once again raised worries about the Iranian regime’s attempts to press ahead with uranium enrichment and long-range missile programs.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the regime’s enrichment takes place in defiance of multiple UN Security Council resolutions.

The Associated Press said it had obtained a copy of the confidential report which was released to the Security Council on Tuesday.

The report expresses worries about the military dimensions of the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, including measures to manufacture warheads.

The AFP also said that the IAEA has not been able to determine the nature of the Iranian regime’s nuclear program for the past eight years.

For its part, the regime has refused to respond to the agency’s inquiries about the military dimensions of its program.

The report demands full access to the Iranian regime’s facilities, equipment and related documents, AFP said.

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