The 23-years-old youth, Vahid Heidari
The 23-years-old youth, Vahid Heidari

NCRI Staff

NCRI - A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament revealed that the security officials have fabricated a judicial case against a lawyer who proved that his client was neither a drug addict nor a drug dealer contrary to what the judicial authorities are claiming.

The 23-years-old youth, Vahid Heidari, was arrested in the city of Arak following the recent uprising and protests in various cities across Iran and later his body was handed over to his family. The regime officials had claimed suicide as the cause of his death.

The spokesman for the regime’s judiciary, Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejeii, referring to his case had said: “This person was an addict and was carrying some drugs. A case that was established for him by the judiciary in Arak is still in progress.”

However, Mohammad Sadeghi, the regime’s MP, in his tweet on Thursday wrote: “One of the noble lawyers of the Justice Department has done local investigations in the village of the youth who died in a police custody in Arak and has proven that he was not a drug addict and nobody knows him as a drug dealer.”

According to the MP, for this reason “the security authorities filed a case against him (the lawyer) and want to force him to confess that he was involved in the formation of the protest groups” during uprising.

Sadeghi did not name the lawyer, but according to the news reported previously, the person is Mohammad Najafi, a lawyer in Shazand of Arak, who is following the case of Vahid Heidari, the youth who was arrested by the security forces in front of his home and died in custody in the detention centre of Arak’s police station number 12.

Mr. Najafi has been summoned and detained several times for his activities, including on November 17 when he was charged with propaganda against the regime.

According to the relatives and close friends of Vahid Heidari, when they saw his body, they observed the sign of beating and mayhem on his body and bruises on his head and face.