Working Children

NCRI Staff

NCRI - Confession of the Vice-Chair of the Association for the Protection of Children regarding the collection of child labours under the pretext of the so-called plan of “organization and recruitment of the street and working children”.

An official of the Iranian regime in the purported ‘Supporting Children Association’ criticized the implementation of the regime’s alleged “Recruiting and Organizing Street and Working Children” by the regime's welfare organization. Not only the plan is not a supportive plan for these children, but also a clean-up of the problem, and is already a failure that will not give any result but adds to the problem.

The plan seems to be a kind of wiping out the problem of child labour, many of whom are also foreigners. Collecting the working children can be promising, with the proper condition of living and living standards, but the arrest of these children by security patrols is a factor in the child's abuse and psychological abuse, which has led them to escape from the agents and in many cases causing lost or unfortunate accidents for them.

The repressive and inhumane treatment of working children, and in fact the method of elimination and knocking them down will have no result but the induction of a sense of insecurity and separation from the society, and instead of solving the problem, it will lead the child to a harmful and more dangerous environment than before.

“Some people say that they are abusing these children, and there are bands that exploit these children,” said the deputy of the regime's Children's Support Association. “But the question is, why do not treat the source of the problem? Why do not you go to the boss of these bands and arrest them? The way to deal with these children is to organize and prioritize them and restore them to the education cycle.”

“When the factories are shut down and small factories are closed, child labour is formed,” said the regime’s official on the source of child labour. “When the children's family and their living conditions are neglected, the child labour is reproduced. All institutions must work together to solve this problem, and, at the top of all matters, to reform the economic structure.”

“These children are involved in trouble and harm, and these children are frightened when they are arrested, and this is an example of child abuse. We should study the experiences of other countries on this subject so that we can make structural adjustments.”

“We need to notice that we are dealing with humans. Children are not bricks that we arrange them in every way we want them to be. We are implementing failed plans that do not yield results. According to the Child Labour Convention, we are obliged to support these children, and this plan is in no way supportive and only to clear the face of the problem not its sources.”