Iran: Water & Electricity Crisis in Southeast Province

NCRI - During the excruciating summer heat, water shortage and continuous power outages in various areas of Sistan & Baluchistan Province, southeast Iran, are deteriorating by the day.

“Sistan, with 50 degree C heat, is suffering from water shortages and power outages in many areas, covering around 10,000 people,” the state-run Hamoon website reported.With decreasing drinking water levels in the city of Zabol, the amount of mineral water is also decreasing in stores and water sources are unable to produce the necessary volume of purified water.

This has forced people to start using water canals that are insanitary and causing problems for the deprived people of this region.

“If the fish died in silence some time ago, now the people will start dying as province officials are neglecting this dilemma,” this website added.