Dr. Nasr al-Hariri

NCRI - Syrian opposition delegation chief Dr. Nasr al-Hariri warned of Iran’s occupation of Syria and measures provoking sectarian wars.

“Iran is committing war crimes west of Damascus. What is taking place today is a continuation of a planned policy by the Assad regime and its allies, especially Iran, to gain dominance over all areas west of Damascus. This is a very dangerous initiative,” he said in an interview with Al Arabiya TV.

“This regime is involved in war crimes. Displacing people from their homes, forcing locals from their ancestral home lands, altering the social fabric, all the while imposing blockades and mass killings against the Syrian people,” al-Hariri added.

“America’s focus on fighting against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and ending Iran’s meddling will serve in the interest of the Syrian revolution,” he continued.

“Washington’s focus on distancing Iran from Syria, and in the end, expelling this regime’s proxies from Syria will leave Iran completely isolated,” al-Hariri concluded.