Iran Flooding Crisis Seems Set to Spark Further Protests Across the Country

By Shahriar Kia

Just over a month ago, heavy rainfall resulted in severe flooding across Iran. It has caused major damage to infrastructure across the country and many people have lost their homes. Several weeks later, many people in Iran are still dealing with the effects of the flooding. Dozens of people have lost their lives and many Iranians are homeless.

Iran Regime's Passes Buck in Face of Flooding Crisis

By Amir Taghati

For the past few weeks, heavy rainfall has provoked intense flooding across Iran. Towns and villages have been submerged under water and even the larger cities have not been spared.


The European Union on Monday extended sanctions against Iran's regime until April 2020 in response to "serious human rights violations".

In a statement, the Council of the European Union extended until April 13, 2020 its "restrictive measures responding to serious human rights violations in Iran".

Iran Agriculture Decimated by Floods

‌By Shahriar Kia

The recent flash floods in Iran have caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to Iranian agriculture, according to an official on Thursday.

The head of the agriculture ministry’s crisis management, Mohammad Mousavi, estimated that the losses to the agriculture sector are 47 trillion rials (about $350 million) so far.

Iran Regime Suppressing Flood Victims Rather Than Helping

By Hamideh Taati

Shortly after floodwaters began besieging Shiraz, the Iranian Regime sent in their military and attack armoured vehicles, such as the Russian-made BMP-1, and motorcycle forces. However, these were not sent to traverse impassable roads and rescue people stuck on rooftops or get aid to the victims quickly, as might be the case in most parts of the world. Instead, they were sent to suppress the legitimate protests of a people whose desperate plight is ignored by those who rule over them.

IRAN: IRGC Kills One Protester and Injures Several More

‌By Shahriar Kia

One protester was killed and several more were wounded in Iran on Wednesday as the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) opened fire on residents in villages around Susangerd and Dashte Azadegan in Khuzestan province.

Human Rights Abuses in Iran in March

By Staff Writer

Iran has been hit by devastating flash floods since mid-March and over 200 have been reported dead. The Regime responded not with government aid, but with sending in suppressive forces, like the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Bassij, to suppress any protests, as well as threatening to arrest those who spread news of the floods on social media.

Javaid Rehman,

By Mansoureh Galestan

The United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran has had his mandate extended for another year, after a 22-7 vote in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Friday.

Publically Executed 13 Inmates Since the Beginning of March

By Staff Writer

Iran has executed over 13 inmates in various prisons since the beginning of March, in the run-up to the Iranian New Year.

On March 14, Jalaluddin Mosala Nezhad was publicly hanged in Jahrom, according to the state-run Tasnim news agency.