Atefah-SahaalehNCRI - The Iranian regime’s judiciary has sentenced two women to hanging, according to Herana news agency on Saturday.

Although one of the accused is not in stable psychological condition, the regime’s court ignored the woman’s condition and handed down a death sentence.

CanonCanada on Thursday welcomed a UN resolution condemning the deplorable human rights situation in Iran, calling the resolution a strong signal of support for the Iranian people while holding the Iranian regime accountable for its actions.

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly this week adopted the resolution censuring systematic rights violations by the clerical regime. The Canadian Foreign Ministry issued a statement shortly after praising the UN vote.

The UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee passed a resolution on November 11 to end executions in the world. It marks the third such resolution since 2007 by the UN.

107 countries voted in favor of the resolution, with 38 voting against and 36 abstaining. The voting took place at the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in New York.

Markus LöningA human rights official in Germany has strongly criticized the Iranian regime’s abysmal and systematic human rights violations, saying that the German government considers such abuses to be unacceptable, Germany’s official radio station reported on Thursday.

TORONTO STAR - The United Nations has rightly scuppered a bid by Iran for a seat on the THE  executive board of UN Women, a new agency to promote equality for women. Thought to be a shoo-in, Iran was trounced by East Timor when the votes were counted Wednesday.

KhatamiA member of the Iranian regime’s Assembly of Experts said inhumane punishments by the regime, such as amputation, display “compassion” and a “framework for showing kindness” by the clerical regime. He called for more vigilance in implementing such sentences.

Simultaneous with a policy to lift subsidies and in response to a popular backlash, the Iranian regime has set up a new base of suppression in the province of Esfahan.

According to the state-run Jomhouri daily on Tuesday, the head of the public relations office of Esfahan governorship said the regime’s measure in the province takes place in line with attempts to “satisfactorily implement the plan of targeted subsidies.”

Woman prisonA female political prisoner has been sentenced to a heavy sentence of 3 years in prison in Iran, according to reports obtained by the Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran.

Ms. Zahra Safai also spent some time in prison as a political prisoner in the 1980s. She was sentenced by a regime judge identified as Salavati.

Exacution23 more prisoners were hanged in secret at the Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad in October. The victims were charged with transporting drugs, and were executed without the knowledge of their families or lawyers, and were not even themselves informed until a few hours before their deaths.

SarkobFollowing the Iranian regime’s decision to lift subsidies and in preparation to curb popular protests in response to the move, the regime has begun a large-scale suppressive maneuver by its State Punishments Organization (SPO).

According to the state-run ISNA, the SPO has already started the suppressive maneuver in Tehran and other Iranian cities.