UN- DiscrminationAP - Geneva - A United Nations panel says Arabs, Kurds and other minorities in Iran face discrimination because of their ethnicity.

OromeihA political prisoner in the northwestern Iranian city of Oroumieh was killed under torture on Sunday, Herana news agency said Tuesday.

Bahman Massoudi, who was held at solitary confinement, was reportedly killed after being struck repeatedly by a baton wielded by the Iranian regime’s agents. The murderer has been identified as Khanzadeh.

stopexcutionThe Iranian regime has executed more than 100 people in the northeastern city of Mashhad in the span of a few months, according to a human rights group on Tuesday.

The International Campaign for Democracy in Iran released a statement citing a “credible source” as saying that each week dozens of people on death row are executed in Vakil-Abad prison in Mashhad. The Iranian regime has hanged many of them on charges of “drug trafficking.”

McCainUS Senator John McCain released a statement on Friday voicing his deep concerns about the allegations against political prisoners in Iran, including ‘moharebeh’ or enmity towards God which carries the death penalty according to the regime’s inhumane laws.

According to BNO News on Friday, Senator McCain said the Iranian regime’s actions are in contravention of its international obligations, according to which Tehran must respect international human rights conventions and the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

edamThe clerical regime has sentenced a prisoner to death in the southern province of Boushehr. Amir Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani is a member of a well-known family in Bushehr who along with his brother was arrested two years ago during a violent raid by the regime for beating and killing an agent of the State Security Forces (SSF) and carrying a weapon. During the violent SSF raid, the mother of the family, Ms. Soudabeh Shadpour, 50, was shot in the neck.

MatinInterrogators at the notorious Evin prison in Tehran have reportedly cut out the tongue of a Kurdish political prisoner, leaving him in critical condition.

According to the 24-Katjemir website and Dijleh news agency, Matin Arjani, a resident of Bateman town in Turkey’s Kurdistan region, had his tongue cut out by interrogators at Evin.

BahmanNCRI - The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) attacked youths and passersby in Tehran’s Narmak and Tehran Pars districts, according to reports on Monday, arresting more than 50 people under the pretexts of “mal-veiling” and as “hooligans and thugs.”

evinPolitical prisoners at Tehran’s notorious Evin prison have been banned from having telephone contacts with their families for the past three weeks, according to obtained reports from inside Iran.

Sedaqat, the prison’s warden, and Mostafa Bozorgnia, the head of Ward 350, where the political prisoners are being held, are tormenting the prisoners under the pretext of breaking fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

UK AIThe Iranian regime’s appalling TV broadcast this week of a forced confession of a woman sentenced to be stoned has provoked international outrage. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been sentenced to death by stoning by the regime.

The prominent rights group Amnesty International protested the measure in a statement on August 12. “This so-called confession forms part of growing catalogue of other forced confessions and self-incriminating statements made by many detainees in the past year.”

ChetsazThe mullahs' inhuman regime, faced with widespread protests over the death and stoning sentence of Ms. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, on Wednesday August 11, in an unprecedented move, forced this prisoner after two days of torture to participate in a disgusting televised show and to confess against her lawyer and herself.