Iraqis in al-Anbar province have called on their government to remove the provincial governor and other officials because they are “thieves,” an organizer of protests there told al-Baghdadiya TV on Friday.

The TV reported that a demonstrator, whose son was killed during the protests, said, “I want all the security forces commanders who are responsible for the murder of my son to be put on trial. [Iraqi Prime Minister] Nouri al-Maliki has freed kidnappers.”

The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has summoned the daughter of an Iranian-Dutch woman executed in January, threatening her not to contact the Dutch embassy or the media.

According to Iran Khabar on Wednesday, Ms. Banafsheh Nayebpour was summoned to the MOIS in Karaj along with her husband, Reza Arefi.

A number of political prisoners in Gohardasht prison in Karaj have announced that they will go on hunger strike in protest to the regime’s refusal to provide treatment to one of their cellmates.

According to Iran Khabar on Wednesday, political prisoners in Ward 4 said they will continue with their hunger strike until their cellmate, Mohsen Dokmechi, who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, is released for chemotherapy.

Concurrent with courageous uprising of the Iranian people, the antihuman regime of mullahs continues collective execution of prisoners aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.
In this regard, the clerical regime hanged 10 prisoners on Tuesday, March 1, in the prisons of Jeeroft, Bam and Shiraz. (state media and Fars province judiciary website- March 1). The next day, a 24 year old man was hanged in the prison of Sedeh (one of the towns of Isfahan province).

VOA - David Gollust State Department  February 28, 2011
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an address to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva that was otherwise devoted to Libya, said the U.N. agency should investigate rights abuses in Iran. She called for an end to what she termed an “organized intimidation campaign” against Iranian dissidents.

A group of student activists and academics at Tehran universities have released a statement calling for more protestors to honour the memories of demonstrators murdered by the regime during the February 21 protests.

According to Iran Khabar on Thursday, the students and academics said, “As the seventh day of their martyrdom nears, they are looking to us to continue on their path.”

The whereabouts of a student activist arrested in Babol, Iran, on February 20 remains unknown, the rights group Amnesty International said in an urgent statement on Tuesday.

Iman Sedighi’s whereabouts are not known following his arrest after a day of nationwide protests and strikes against the regime, Amnesty said.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the Iranian regime’s suppression of dissent on Wednesday and praised the Iranian people’s “bravery” to take to the streets in support of their fundamental rights.

In a press statement posted on the department’s Web site, Mrs. Clinton said, “Over the past ten days, we have witnessed the bravery of thousands of Iranians who once again took to the streets to exercise their fundamental rights to peaceful assembly and expression.”

The US designation two Iranian regime officials for human rights abuses highlights Washington’s commitment to support the Iranian people in their pursuit of universal rights, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters on Wednesday.

This week, the Department of State and Treasury announced the designation of two Iranian regime officials for serious human rights abuses in Iran.

The human rights situation in Iran is of grave concern for the European Union, the EU’s foreign policy chief has said, according to BBC TV on Monday.

After a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Catherine Ashton said the issue of human rights violations by the Iranian regime was discussed at the meeting.