The US designation two Iranian regime officials for human rights abuses highlights Washington’s commitment to support the Iranian people in their pursuit of universal rights, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters on Wednesday.

This week, the Department of State and Treasury announced the designation of two Iranian regime officials for serious human rights abuses in Iran.

The human rights situation in Iran is of grave concern for the European Union, the EU’s foreign policy chief has said, according to BBC TV on Monday.

After a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Catherine Ashton said the issue of human rights violations by the Iranian regime was discussed at the meeting.

A brother and sister have been arrested by the regime’s suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) in a Kurdish village, according to Hrana news agency this week.

It said SSF agents raided a house in the village of Gavizeh Koureh near Marivan and arrested Erfan and Sanieh Erfani, after searching the house and mistreating the family.

Feb. 20 Uprising- No. 9

HamedNour-Mohammadi, aBiology student in Shiraz University, was murdered by the criminal agents of the Iranian regime on Sunday, February 20 during the valiant uprising of people of Shiraz only because of his protest against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. The mullahs’ murderers threw down this young student from the pedestrian bridge causing his death due to being hit by a car.

In a group execution, the Iranian regime put to death 4 prisoners in Kerman (south-central Iran) on Friday, February 18. In Sanandaj (western Iran), two prisoners were hanged on February 15, and 2 other prisoners in Khoram-Abad (western Iran) and 2 more in Sari (northern Iran) were hanged on February 14.

The Iranian regime has hanged 4 people in recent days, according to Harana news agency and the regime’s official reports.

The reports said two people were hanged on Tuesday at the central prison in Sanandaj and two others on Monday in the northern city of Sari.

More than 600 family members of those detained in recent days in Tehran after Monday’s protests gathered in front of the notorious Evin Prison to protest the detention of their loved ones and to demand information about their situation, according to student groups and news agencies.

Feb. 14 Uprising- No. 14

Regime’s agents raided the gathering of arrestees’ families outside Evin Prison

On Thursday, February 17, hundreds of families of demonstrators, who were arrested in the Feb. 14 uprising, gathered for the third time outside Evin prison to follow up the situation of their arrested children and relatives. According to eyewitnesses, a very high number demonstrators who were arrested on February 14 and 15 are held in Evin. However, the regime’s authorities dodged the families’ questions and attacked them. At least 16 students from Sharif University of Technology were among the arrestees.

The Iranian regime appointed Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and one of the most senior figures in the clerical regime’s nuclear weapons program, as Vice-president and the head of the Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO).

The majority of Dutch lawmakers have called on the government to file a complaint against the Iranian regime at the Hague to free a Dutch citizen from Iranian prisons, Elsevier magazine reported last week.

It said a majority of members in the parliament of the Netherlands urged their government to take action against the regime at the Hague international court to allow officials the opportunity to help release a citizen imprisoned in Iran.