The recent rise of numbers of executions in Iran is truly appalling and alarming. According to opposition accounts only between 22 October and 14 November, in less than a month, 100 people were executed. This is far higher than any other period in recent years. Amnesty International has raised alarm and pleaded to the Iranian government to halt executions, to no avail.

Gangs of Khamenei and Revolutionary guards embezzle 20 billion dollars through illegal trade

On Monday morning, December 3, a Kurdish man by the name of Ebrahim Jahanara, 45, was killed by the gunfire of elements of security forces. He who was a small businessman, was fired at while driving his vehicle carrying scrap from Piranshahr to Mahabad.
Every year, a great number of villagers living near the border and suffering from poverty and unemployment, carry heavy goods on their backs with great hardship to provide food for their families, but are directly shot at by criminal revolutionary guards and lose their lives. Every year, dozens of these deprived villagers who are known as “back bearers”, together with small businessmen in this region lose their lives due to direct gunfire of elements of suppressive organs of the clerical regime.

The inhuman mullahs’ regime hanged four prisoners in Kermanshah on Monday December 3. Three of them including a woman were executed in Kermanshah’s central prison and one was hanged in public (Mehr News Agency – December 3)
Meanwhile, there are no news about two prisoners of ward 4 of Ghezelhesar prison, Abdollah Makvandi and Abdollah Salmpour, who had been transferred from ward 4 to an unknown location since late summer. In response to their families’ inquest about their conditions in the past three months and requesting a visit, the henchmen said they were not allowed to have visitors. It is said that these two prisoners were secretly executed or killed under torture.

By Alister Bull

WASHINGTON: The United States on Friday demanded that Iran free jailed human rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh, who it said has been on hunger strike for more than six weeks, and sharply criticized Iranian authorities for their treatment of the 49-year-old prize-winning lawyer.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said reports of Sotoudeh's rapidly declining health were deeply troubling, and that she had been denied medical care and kept in solitary confinement.

• Call to establish an international committee to investigate the perpetrators of this crime and the role of the regime’s leaders

Following the upsurge of international antipathy and abhorrence and the Iranian people’s rage over the death of Sattar Beheshti, on December 1st, Brigadier General Ahmadi Moghadam, commander of State Security Force, sacked Colonel Mohammad Hassan Shokrian, Chief of the greater Tehran’s cyber police (known as FATA). Khamenei, through a seeming elimination of an underling henchman, is vainly attempting to save himself, the Judiciary chief and other regime officials who were directly responsible for this crime and other similar cases.

The Iranian Resistance calls on international organizations in defense of human rights  particularly the relevant United Nations bodies to take immediate action to save imprisoned lawyer  Nasrin Sotoudeh who is on her 7th week of hunger strike.
Nasrin Sotoudeh, 49,was arrested on September 2009  for the "crime" of defending political prisoners. The Iranian regime's sham trial condemned  her to six years in prison, 10 years ban on practicing law and prohibiting to leaving the country  for  "acting against national security" and "propaganda against the regime."  She is also faced with all types of pressures and limitations including long stay in solitary confinement and being deprived of receiving visits by her two children.

By Al Arabiya with agencies
The U.N. General Assembly on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestine as a non-member state, giving a major diplomatic triumph to president Mahmoud Abbas despite fierce opposition from the United States and Israel.
The 193-member assembly voted 138-9 with 41 abstentions for the resolution which enables the Palestinians to join U.N. agencies and sign international treaties.
Palestinian leader Abbas got a standing ovation on Thursday as he made a historic appeal to the U.N. General Assembly for Palestine to be recognized as an observer state.

Recent reports from inside Iran indicate political prisoner Ali Moezi has been banned from having any visits until final notice. This ruling was issued by the mullahs’ criminal judge Salavati.
Ali Moezi, the father of two Ashraf residents and a political prisoner from the 1980s, has been suffering from kidney disease for some time now. The regime’s intelligence agents arrested and jailed him for the ‘crime’ of visiting his children in Camp Ashraf.

-Liberty’s excessively small area, living inside trailers, and prohibition of constructing buildings have made residents highly vulnerable

 Camp Liberty – No. 60
On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 27, a bullet fired by a Kalashnikov from the north-east direction of Camp Liberty pierced through the ceiling of a trailer in Liberty’s section 1 and hit a resident’s bed. Fortunately, the resident was not present.
According to expert opinions, the bullet was fired from a relatively close range outside the Camp, and had it hit an individual, it would have been fatal or would have resulted in serious injuries.

The anti-human clerical regime has intensified physical and psychological torture and pressure on political prisoners who are supporters of PMOI.
Health of Ms. Zahra Mansouri, 60, a political prisoner supporter of PMOI in Evin Prison who had just had a difficult surgery, is seriously threatened as she is being deprived of her medicine. Henchmen prevent medicine prescribed by her doctor that obstructs her epileptic attacks and are vital to her health from reaching her. Zahra Mansouri, from family of PMOI members in Ashraf has been condemned to two years in prison and a five years suspended prison term on the charge of “act against national security”.