Hospital at Camp Ashraf attacked by Iraqi forces: TV

A number of Ashraf residents have been subjected to new restrictions and pressures by Iraqi forces in charge of ‘protecting’ the camp, al-Sharqyia TV has reported.

The Iranian Resistance released a statement with several pictures showing an armed contingent beating and injuring a number of residents in Camp Ashraf. Some of the residents were forcefully expelled from their place of residence, according to the TV.

Iraq’s Azzaman daily also reported that Iraqi forces attacked a clinic at Camp Ashraf and beat some of the residents. The report stated that a statement released by the Iranian Resistance in Paris said a number of the residents were forcibly expelled from the location and others were injured.

At the same time, Iraqi forces prevented two specialist doctors from entering the camp.

The Iranian Resistance has called on the UN Secretary General and the UNSG’s special envoy in Iraq, as well as the US ambassador in Baghdad, to ensure the protection of the camp’s residents on the basis of international laws.

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