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Iraqi medical blockade endangers lives of Iranian opposition in Camp Liberty

NCRI – Despite numerous referrals to and correspondence with the United Nations and the United States Embassy officials, the criminal medical blockade of Camp Liberty residents is continuing. With each passing day, the consequences of this blockade — that has so far tormented to death 21 patients —

leaves deeper destructive and irreversible effects on hundreds of patients at Camp Liberty and endangers the lives of a greater number of these patients.

On Monday, October 13, the Iraqi forces refused to allow two interpreters and nurses to along to the hospital. Additionally, as the patients were leaving the camp, the Iraqi forces demanded that one of the interpreters needs to be changed; thereby introducing a two hour delay in the departure of the patients from the camp. As such, some of the patients could not complete their essential medical treatments.

On Tuesday, October 14, the Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of a patient suffering from acute renal disease on the pretext that patients can only go to one hospital. On this same day, the Iraqi forces compelled the patients to change their interpreters and nurses three times. They stalled the patients for no reason at the camp’s gate for two hours and fifteen minutes. Moreover, by preventing the nurse of a patient with Parkinson that badly needs care of a nurse from accompanying the patient they virtually obstructed the transfer of this patient to the hospital.

The medical blockade on Camp Liberty that is similar to the tormenting to death of the political prisoners in mullahs’ regime prisons is a known anti-human tactic conducted and controlled by Faleh Fayad, Maliki’s National Security Advisor.

Warning that six years of medical blockade has endangered the lives of many patients, the Iranian Resistance reminds the United States government and the United Nations that have numerously committed themselves to the well-being and security of the residents of their direct responsibility and urges immediate measures for ending this blockade and securing free access of residents to medical services in Iraq.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 15, 2014

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