Hendon MP calls for protection of Camp Ashraf

Times Series(Hendon UK) – By Natalie O’Neill  – THE MP for Hendon called for the immediate protection of refugees in Iraq yesterday.
Matthew Offord joined hundreds of Barnet’s Anglo-Iranians outside United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees offices in Strand, demanding the freedom of Camp Ashraf.

Since the 1980s the camp has been occupied by 3,400 members of Iranian resistance, Peoples of Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) which raises awareness of human rights violations.
It calls for an end to what it refers to as a “two-year-long inhumane siege of Ashraf”, suppressing residents and limiting supplies including medication.
The camp has become an icon of hope for a free democratic Iran but on April 8, the Iraqi army shot its unarmed civilians, leaving 34 dead and hundreds more injured.
A similar incident was reported in 2009, when 11 people died and 500 were injured when the Iraqi army stormed the camp.
Speaking to yesterday’s crowds, Mr Offord said: “We have repeatedly called on the UN and its relevant bodies to adopt measures to halt the restrictions on fuel, medicine and other vital supplies.”

“Many of us believe this is occurring as a direct consequence of orders from the Iraqi Prime Minister.
“We ask the UN and its commissioners how much more evidence is needed, what more conventions must be broken and what further atrocities must take place before the UN steps in and takes tangible action to assist the camp’s residents. Enough is enough.”

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