Hassan Sarie, known element of Hezbollah and terrorist Qods Force in campaign against Ashraf

Camp Ashraf military occupation– No. 96

The Iranian regime and the Nouri al-Maliki government are doing their outmost to bring people and facilities for a demonstration in the occupied section of Ashraf this Friday. This show is a reaction to the international condemnations and the revulsion of the people of Iraq concerning the massacre and crime against humanity taking place in Ashraf.

Hassan Sarie, a known organizer of death squads and an old element of the terrorist Qods Force and “Hezbollah” in Iraq, has been tasked to hire elements from Diyala, Tikrit, Babil, Kut, Baghdad, al-Emarah and Nasseriyah provinces and transfer them to the occupied section of the camp to demonstrate against Ashraf. Providing tents and food for these elements is also his responsibility.

Actions by the terrorist Qods Force battalions have to be under the pretext of the “flag of Iraq” and in the name of the “people of Iraq”.

For the purpose, element Nafe Issa, has been ordered to provide 2,000 Iraqi flags and set up an exhibition of fictitious terrorist activities of the PMOI in Iraq, much like the exhibitions set up by the IRGC in Tehran. In this plot, a number of Iraqi hires of mullahs’ intelligence should stand at the front line of the show depicting themselves as “Sheiks” of the Diyala province and resort to propaganda as people who have suffered from the presence of Ashraf residents in Iraq.

To create an umbrella for its “own” media, the Iranian embassy in Baghdad is attempting to bring reporters from al-Arabiya and al-Jazeera TV stations, in addition to the Iraqi governmental TV station of al-Iraqiya and the mullahs regime’s Arabic speaking TV stations (al-Alam, al-Forat, al-Mesmar and al-Elteja).

On behalf of the Ashraf Suppression Committee in the Iraqi prime ministry, CDs and sham films have been given to Hassan Sarie, Odai Khazran and Jabbar al-Mamouri to prove that in the April 8 attack on Ashraf, camp’s defenseless residents were armed, aggressive and equipped with advanced military binoculars and that they themselves have killed 35 of the residents!

Command of the forces stationed in Ashraf has received orders from Baghdad to provide the necessary facilities for the “people” and the “Sheiks of Iraqi tribes” who are expected in Ashraf on Friday for a sit-in in the “farmlands”.

This extensive campaign is to escape the consequences of the crimes and punishment for massacre in Ashraf at international bodies and tribunals at a time that the loudspeakers at the perimeter of Ashraf for psychological torture of residents have been increased to 280.

On April 17, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Mrs. Maryam Rajavi called for the designation of a representative from the UNSC to conduct a comprehensive, transparent and independent investigation into the massacre in Ashraf. In addition, on April 26, she urged the UN Secretary-General and the UNSC to arrange a visit of Ashraf by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 4, 2011

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